South Shields - Salvation Army (1878)

This is an excerpt from the monthly report from the Salvation Army here.

THE past month has been one of unceasing warfare, in which we have been encouraged by victory, though the fighting has been hard. Upwards of 200 have professed to find the Saviour in our meetings during the past few weeks. many of them dark and hardened sinners, serving Satan might and main: but now they are blessedly changed and their homes, instead of being scenes of riot and drunkenness, are abodes of righteousness, little palaces of the King of kings.

...At the free meeting after the tea a great number of our own converts spoke. some saved seven weeks, some six, some five, some but a week, and in one case but an hour.

In the prayer meeting twenty souls stepped into liberty. 

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', July 1878, page 193.

Praise the Lord forever. During the last few weeks many have wept their way to the bleeding feet of Jesus and have found peace. Every Friday we have a holiness meeting. If sinners are not willing to be saved, we go in ourselves and give ourselves afresh to the Lord, and we find the meeting a profitable one in carrying on good work. One night there was a man came out for salvation, and bless God he got it, and went home happy in Jesus; the next night while the prayer-meeting was going on, his wife came out for pardon, and when she found that her sins were all forgiven, she got up and kissed her husband, and now they are both on their happy way to heaven. Glory be to God. On Easter Sunday, we had a grand time of it. In the evening after Sisters Pennock and Smith was done speaking, we started the prayer-meeting, and God came down upon us, and 10 souls came out for salvation. On Easter Monday, we held a grand hallelujah tea in Mill Street Mission Rooms. In the evening, we held our meeting in the Market Place, about 1,000 people standing around to hear one and another tell what the Lord had done for their souls, and telling them that God would do the very same for them if they would come to Jesus; and then we went down to our hall in Saville Street, eight souls came out for Jesus. Oh, hallelujah It was a blessed night, we shall never forget it. On Tuesday night, we held our class, and four souls were born again, and now are rejoicing in God. On Wednesday, we had two, on Thursday one, and on Friday night, at our holiness meeting, five volunteers came out. Glory be to God.

From, 'The salvationist', June 1897, page 155.

REJOICE to tell you that God is still blessing us here. During the past week our meetings have been times of power. Saints have rejoiced and sinners have trembled, Glory to God, 19 precious souls have been saved.

But the crowning day was last Sunday. At the prayer meeting at seven o'clock, about 70 were present and we had a glorious time. We had splendid open-air meetings; the people looked in the streets, and they seemed to be surprised then they saw our processions, and at night when we were going to the open air, the people were actually waiting to get in before the door was opened. When we got in with our people, there was not standing room. It was packed in every corner, and many could not get in. At night Sister Saville and I spoke for a little while.

It was published "Two Hallelujah Lasses from south Wales;" and I told them I would speak from  "A broken down swell," and Sister Saville from a "Disappointment." She spoke from the words "And the door was shut," and I spoke from the prodigal son, "He arose and came to his father; 'and the power of God was felt in the meeting. One big man came out for salvation in the prayer meeting. We went home believing and trusting rin One who is mighty to save.

We came up again last night filled with God, and we had a meeting of power and of joy, and God honoured us by letting us see 20 precious_souls come and weep their way to the Cross. Glory! glory! glory! hallelujah! O we will give God every bit of the glory, we will conquer or die. We feel we have done nothing but God has done it all.

From, 'The Salvationist', October 1879, page 270-1.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held. Clearly they later moved to Saville Street.

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