Openshaw - Salvation Army (1880)

Saturday, regular salvation Free and Easy, a grand open-air; Jesus with us; 43 testified to Jesus His power to save; after some good singing and sharpshooting the enemy returned with a loss of two of his army. Hallelujah! Sunday morning 6:30, 118 present.

Open-air at 10 o’clock, commanded by captains Taylor and Wright; good sharp shooting from our young recruits, a grand march, 58 in our ranks. Inside at 11 o’clock, Captain Taylor gave some good shots on Holiness; three others of our soldiers followed up, 10 came out for a clean heart.

Open-air again at two; a glorious muster around the standard of our Lord Jesus, a march right through the back slums, right into our shed, the power going with us. Our dear captain told us she would have no supper until God gave us 40 souls for the day's work. After some good shooting on both sides our Lord Jesus came off conqueror, capturing four. Still winning

Open-air, between 80 and 90 in procession, led by Lieutenant Lancashire. Inside at 6 o’clock the shed was full; hundreds turned away. After some good shots from our captain and two dear brothers, we went in for a salvation meeting; 44 came down on the enemy in a grand charge of 20 minutes and told their old companions they meant going to heaven when they died; 22 prisoners taken to server King Jesus’s army; total for the day 28.

From, 'The War Cry', October 1880.


Additional Information

I do not know where the Shed was.

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