Dunorlan Mission Hall, Tunbridge Wells - Catherine Booth (1866)

After Catherine had recuperated from a serious illness in Tunbridge Wells, she and William went to see William Haslam speak at 'Dunorlan', the home of the philanthropist Henry Reed. Haslam introduced them and they became firm friends. William was asked to speak on the Sunday, but he had another engagement, so Catherine spoke.

Henry Reed had very definite ideas about how the meeting should be conducted, telling Catherine the meeting could not last longer than an hour. Catherine told him that he would have to be her timekeeper. 

'The hall was well filled and Mrs Booth had no sooner commenced speaking than the power of God descended and there were few dry eyes in the audience. Oblivious as usual of time she suddenly remembered her promise. Pausing and turning to Mr Reed, she asked whether she ought not to conclude. Raising his hands and with tears flowing down his venerable face, he cried out, 'Never mind the time! Go on! Go on!'

After the talk she suggested a Prayer Meeting and many responded. Henry Reed loved the meeting.

From, 'Catherine Booth, mother of the Salvation Army', Volume I, by Booth-Tucker, pages 301-2.


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Now a house.

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