Ninefield - Salvation Army (1871)

The Hastings Mission Station visited this village.

This is a small village about 10 miles from Hastings, but we feel there is a work here for us. A few warmhearted people came about a month ago to invite us to preach to them. After a great deal of prayer, we felt we must go and God has blessed us abundantly. We have been a few Sabbath mornings and one or two week evenings. On Monday, May 7th, I went to the above place and held three services; preaching morning and evening; and experience meeting in the afternoon. At each meeting we felt much of the presence of God; but in the prayer meeting after the evening service, a work broke out amongst the children and about 10 or 12 cried for mercy. Then a friend invited me into another room to a poor backslider, formerly a preacher. He was in great distress, sobbing better today on account of sin. After talking to him about Jesus, he came into the preaching room, prayed to God for salvation and found peace. Another found peace in the scullery and then came into the preaching room to praise God. I believe, altogether, there were 15 or 16 professed to find Jesus.

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', June 1871, page 96.

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