Heanor - Salvation Army (1880)

I can praise the Lord for what he has done here. About 16 brothers and myself marched into Heanor on Thursday the 22nd, to have battle with the Devil and glory be to God! We had a good fight. We marched all through the town singing and shouting the praises of God and crowds of people followed us about. We went into the town hall at 7 o’clock and had a real good time. Then I had a prayer meeting and we had a meeting to be sure! Just 52 souls wept their way to the precious Saviour. There was one dear old man who said, “I will make a clean sweep, I will sign the pledge first,” he had no sooner done so, then he cried for mercy and glory be to God, he got it. After the meeting I asked the people to put up their hands if they wanted us to come on Saturday and I think every hand was up. Praise God for that!

We marched in again on Saturday to have another hard fight and we had one too. We had a good procession through the street singing and we had a ring and sinners were invited in. 30 found salvation that day and that is the best of all.

I went back again on Sunday to have another battle for the Lord. We had open-air from 11 till 12 o’clock, then the people came and took us to dinner, some in one place and some in another. We met again in the afternoon and marched about until 2:30 o’clock, then we went inside and had a good meeting. In the evening we had another good meeting, the hall was packed full. I had four brothers to speak and I finished the meeting myself. We had a good prayer meeting and we had 49 souls saved! Talk about praising God, it does my heart good to see poor sinners finding salvation. That is just 131 in one week. Hallelujah! I trust God for souls in Ilkeston as well. We’re getting some real good soldiers here. Captain Happy Eliza.

From, 'The War Cry', May 1880.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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