Pontypool - Salvation Army (1881)

Since our last report, God has abundantly blessed the Army in Pontypool. Souls have been saved every night. We started a little soldiers' meeting; over 150 first night. Glory be to God! We mean to roll the old chariot along in Pontypool. Publicans are crying out that the captain wants all the customers, as he is in all the public houses selling War Crys on Saturday night and said he does want them and with the help of God he means to have them drinking at the Fountain which never runs dry. Sunday, a grand day; a day which will never be forgotten by the soldiers in Pontypool. Morning, Holiness meeting; idols were given up for the Master, afternoon, glorious testimonies from the little soldier seven years of age to the dear old mother 92 years old who said she was a pilgrim bound for glory, a pilgrim who would soon be at home. At the close, four precious souls volunteered out for pardon. Night, crowning time of it all. Glorious march in the open air. Inside, Hall packed; God was felt in the midst and owned our labours by bringing 14 precious souls to Calgary. Oh it was glory in our souls as one after another came out for the Master and got saved and went home rejoicing.

From, 'The War Cry', October 1881.

This is just one example of what was happening here. More reports can be seen from the War Cry in future years.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held

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