Peckham - Salvation Army (1880)

Although there are seven places of worship within eight minutes walk of the Temple, the ungodliness that reigns here is awful; but now the Army is here, people of all grades are anxious to hear the gospel as preached by us. The place is full long before the time of commencing. Still the people come. Shut the doors is the order; but the crash is so great that the doors get broken down. A little later on, word is brought that a great crowd has broken down the side door as well. Our new Temple is already much too small. Souls every night, Saturday, a man was saved, who tried to murder his wife and had attempted to throw himself off London Bridge twice. But he is now being thrown into the Fountain and is dead to sin and alive and unto God. Fine procession on Sunday, Devil raging; crowds drawn into the Temple by the roughs forming a squad and marching ahead of the Army. Mighty power inside; one big fellow in full uniform was rendered prostrate. We have had testimonies from gentlemen in their superfine black cloth as well as from converted atheists and costermongers. A professor of religion thought she would go to hear the mad people, she came and God’s Spirit took her and she got saved. A Sunday school teacher gave her heart to God and began exhorting her scholars to do the same. Some of them got converted and wanted to hear the Salvationists. Then the teacher got turned out of the school for loving the Salvation Army.

From, 'The War Cry', November 1880.

Additional Information

I do not know where the Temple was.

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