Leamington Spa - Salvation Army (1879)

This is an excerpt from a monthly report from the Salvation Army station here.

BRO. MAYCOCK and his wife are pushing on here with might and main, and already there is abundant evidence of a glorious awakening throughout the town.

Some of the vilest and roughest of the population have been saved in the crowded meetings. Hundreds of just the right sort are hearing the truth.

From, 'The Salvationist', August 1879, page 210.

Captain Maycock says, “It is just 12 months since the army entered this town. Since then hundreds have been saved – cleansed, pardoned, accepted in Jesus. Through the population changing so much, many of our brothers and sisters have gone to other parts of England, but they will never forget Leamington; it was there Jesus met them, where the angels rejoiced and where the rags of sin were stripped away and the Robes of Righteousness put on. Our singing and speaking has been heard in every house and street. An old woman had prayed for her daughter 20 years; the daughter was taken ill and then removed to the hospital. She lay 13 weeks and was given up by the doctors. While we were holding a service in the open air the Word sounded through the window of the ward where she lay; it touched her heart, made her miserable and anxious. She desired to be taken home. She sent for our people and while brother Clifton, the Hallelujah Porter was praying, Peace came to her soul. She now lies dying in the most triumphant state, waving her hand and shouting victory – her joy is greater than her pain. Seven in one family have been brought to God..."

From, 'The War Cry', March 1880.


Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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