Wallsend - Salvation Army (1880)

Praise God for what He is doing in this part of the vineyard. We opened fire on the 24th of August. We started with a small band of soldiers, who were nearly all strangers to us, but, thank God since we have seen the arm of the Lord made bare – some of the vilest and worst of sinners have been brought to God and now we can raise a band of them, 70 in number, who are not ashamed to walk through the streets and sing the praises of God. Since we entered this town over 260 have professed to find peace. Last week was a blessed week to our souls and not to ourselves only but to many a poor sinner. Many stepped into the Fountain and washed and came out whiter than snow. On Saturday night we had a real Salvation Army Free and Easy meeting, lots testified to the power of God to save from sin. It would do your hearts good to hear that dear men get up and say how they were a few weeks ago: great drunkards, gamblers and swearers – their homes were like a hell, but now they are like little heavens below. Such are the testimonies of those who have been brought to God. At the close of the Free and Easy, seven souls wept their way to Calvary.

Sunday was a glorious day – blessed times. Good open-air all the morning. Our soldiers marched through the muddy streets, to tell of Jesus and His love. Afternoon, a good experience meeting where many testified. At night a crowded place, good time and at the close 5 found peace.

From, 'The War Cry', November 1880.


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