Bishop Auckland - Salvation Army (1878)

This is an excerpt from the monthly report from the Salvation Army here.

I hardly know how to begin about the day we had here yesterday. We commenced our meeting at ten o'clock, in the Market. There were about one hundred people around us. We then had a good procession down to a field, the street all in an uproar. Before we had been long in the field there were 300 people round us. The power of God came down and filled our souls and we carried the meeting on till very near five. The Hallelujah glory went through the people Many said they never were in such a meeting. We closed with "Hallelujah."

We went out again at six, and, when I got there, crowds of people were waiting for us; and we went into it right and left. One dear old man almost fell to the ground while Speaking, the power of God was s:o mightily felt. I hardly knew what to do with the people, the throng was so great. We processioned with about two hundred men and women, singing,

"Oh, the Lamb, the bleeding Lamb, The Lamb upon Calvary."

to the Temperance Hall, others thronging on behind. The people ran in and out of the shop doors to see what was the matter. They were shouting all along the street, ''Glory be to God!" The power was so great. I felt I was little to lead such a band of men and women, but  Jesus and I conquered.

We got to the Temperance Hall, and, in a few moments, the place was full. We hardly knew what to do with the people. I commenced the meeting with singing, then the brethren prayed short, and then we sang,

'' Be present at our love feast, Lord." 

and it was a feast of love. Over eighty men and women got up and testified; some of them wept while they spoke. While we were singing 

"The Jews they crucified Him, But He rose."

the power was so great, a stout woman got up onto the platform and put her arms round me, and cried for mercy. I was obliged to turn it into a prayer meeting, and precious souls got salvation. We had £1 4s. 2d. collection. It was a day filled with Christ and made a mark on Bishop Auckland.

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', July 1878, page 190.

0, HALLELUJAH! the Lord is blessing us, although the war is raging here very strong, more so this last week or two; but, praise the Lord, we are determined to triumph over every foe. We have been fighting tremendously against the enemy since we have been here and I know we shall win the fight. We have bad 160 souls since we have been here, who have turned against the enemy and come over on the Lord's side.

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', November 1878, page 306.






Additional Information

I do not know where the Temperance Hall was.

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