Newcastle - Salvation Army (1879)

This is a monthly report from the Salvation Army station here.

Newcastle still has a crowd of people every night, and many blessed cases of conversion reach my ears nearly every day: very often from a dozen to twenty souls in one night. During the race week, six fallen women were rescued and professed to find peace in Jesus.

From, 'The Salvationist', August 1879, page 219.

(Captain Balington Booth) dropped in at the Hall of Varieties Sunday night- some eighty strong on the platform; some good living powerful speaking; singing peculiarly hearty and lively- people evidently in good spirits. Such testimonies I have rarely listened to even in Army meetings: five men, formerly known as the most notorious drunkards in the town, thrilled all hearts while describing the change in their homes and families. Four women, who had been desperately vicious, told us with the greatest simplicity how desperately in earnest they felt to save their fallen sisters. Captain and Mrs Wilson with Lieutenant Rich, in spite of great financial difficulties, are in full pursuit and resolved on victory. Sunday afternoon. -Tyne Theatre: about 2,000 people; power of God wonderfully manifested- seven souls. Night: Theatre crammed; Hall of Varieties also -hundreds turned away. Wonderful meetings both places: people weeping and agonising for salvation in all directions; fifty came out for Salvation.

From, 'The Salvationist', September 1879, page 240.

We arrived on the 22nd of June, and since then over four hundred have been brought to the bleeding feet of Jesus.

From, 'The Salvationist', September 1879, page 246.

Newcastle is still one of the grandest works I (Major Corbridge) ever saw; every night a crowd of folks and at nearly every service, sinners in long rows seeking Jesus. A few nights ago my heart melted to hear the number of men and women testify. He goes on giving many cases which we are compelled to omit.

From, 'The Salvationist', October 1879, page 265.

Additional Information

Meetings were in the Tyne Theatre and Hall of Varieties.

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