Mexborough - Salvation Army (1878)

This is the first monthly report from the Salvation Army station here.

One of the most sudden and least announced descents has been upon this town, where, with the continuation of it called Swinton, a large collier population is to be found. We have got the theatre both for Sundays and weeknights, and the following letters will show with what result:-

"We are having some glorious victories here at Mexbro. Souls have been saved every night but two. The people say they never saw it like this before. We do get the people to come, bless God. Sunday morning prayer-meeting at seven; there was fourteen there. It was a blessed time. Glory, glory!  hallelujah! Amen. 10.30, went to Denaby Main Colliery with about fourteen men and my wife. As soon as we got there we went down on our knees. The people dId not know what to make of us. We announced ourselves as the Salvation Army. God was with us. Bless His name. The people seemed to be as much surprised as if we had dropped down from heaven among them. All the place was in a commotion, running from all parts to see what was the matter. Never nearly speaking with so much of the power of God in it as on Sunday morning. We went all round Denaby singing and speaking and inviting the people to the theatre. Afternoon: went out and began at New Mexbro' with as much vigour, or more, than in the morning. Well, to tell you, in short, the place is moved from side to side, and from end to end. The Devil does not know what to do, and what to make of us, the attack is so sudden, and with so much power. Place full; Hallelujah Band; very, very good time. No souls, though very much moved. Night: packed to excess. Not room to move about in. Place full till after ten. Eight souls professed to find the Lord. We have had some of the best cases that I ever saw. When the invitation is given they jump up and come out and weep for salvation, and wrestle till they get it."

lt will be seen from the above that success has not come, as it were, un-sought, but has been won by hard, persevering toil. The next week was better still.

"Last Saturday night we had a glorious love feast. Packed to excess. Offerings, I5s. 6d. Bless the Lord.

"Grand day on Sunday. The Lord was with us, 5 saved in the afternoon. Night: no room to fairly walkabout. Thirteen souls.

"The latest news is still crowded houses, souls and victory."

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', October 1878, page 270.

Sinners are getting saved on all sides and best of all believers are getting sanctified. Saturday night we had a mighty time in the open air; God blessed us amongst the rain. Inside, Free and Easy, when about 40 spoke. It was grand to hear the experiences of some of the biggest drunkards in Mexborough. Sunday morning, 7 am prayer meeting was a grand time. God came down and filled us with the Holy Ghost; then at 10:30 we went to Swinton. You should have seen them run to hear us; we had an amazing time. From where we started to where we ended it was a mile's march. People followed us; in some parts the road was blocked up. We left, trusting we had done some everlasting good. In the afternoon we met in the brickyard. We had a mighty time inside. We had Shaw, the Burnley Navvy and the Hallelujah Keelman from Hull. It was a grand meeting – good speaking and good singing; went home for tea. Met again at 5:45 in the Market; good mustar. Sung round town; came inside. Then Big Joe, Little Joe, Parson Priestley and the two curates spoke at the close. Three souls came to the Fountain, got washed, jumped off their knees and told that God had saved them. God is indeed blessing Mexborough.

From, 'The War Cry' August 1880.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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