Leeds - Salvation Army (1876)

This is the first monthly report from the Salvation Army station here.

A tent has been purchased and erected on a piece of ground near New Briggate, in the very centre of the town. In front we have one of the best open-air stands in Leeds, and we mean to use it.

Thousands pass on their way to Rounday Park on Sunday, large numbers of whom have already stopped and heard the Gospel.

The tent was fixed on Saturday, July 1st, and in the evening Canon Jackson offered up prayer that God would bless. the work and the presence of God was felt in the first prayer meeting... 

During the week-night meetings every seat has been occupied, and many have had to stand, and we get the right sort of folks. The infidels come in large numbers and look daggers at us, and even the Jews can't let us alone. An awfully hardened lot come into the back of the tent and look on. I don't know how many we have offended, but the thing is melting down beautifully. One chap gave me 10 shillings last night and pulled out a cigar, tore it up, and said he would give up smoking.

Best of all, God has been with us, and between 20 and 30 have professed to find Jesus. Particulars of some of these cases may be given next month.

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', August 1876, pages 187/8.

We rejoice to be able to report, this month, about a hundred cases of conversion; some of them among the most interesting and remarkable cases  I have ever known.


Sunday, July 30th, was a day of victory.

7 a.m.-prayer meeting; 55 present. God gave us the spirit of supplication and prayer. One man saved.

11 a.m.-I preached in the tent, 150 present. It was a mellowing time.

12 15 p.m.-Open-air meeting. Great crowd listened well.

2 p.m. - Open-air meeting-, North· Street end of New Briggate. Mr Broadbent held the fort while we mustered our forces at Lady Lane Bridge, and missioned the Laylands. Processioned to the tent, which was well packed. The- Rev. George Warner preached a powerful sermon on Scriptural Holiness; the word was in demonstration of the Spirit and of power. This is the sort of preaching Leeds requires today.

6 p.m.- Open-air meeting Mr Broadbent held the fort again in North Street, while we missioned the streets, processioning to the tent, up North Street, by the Infidels' Hall; invited them to come to Christ and get salvation. The tent crammed; many standing outside listened to the gospel. I preached from the Great Supper. The Spirit was present convincing of sin. Fifteen accepted the invitation and came and partook of gospel Supper, many others making excuses like the people of old. The singing and speaking in the streets and kneeling clown to pray, caused the people to come running as if they were coming to a fire. May God give us power to deal with them for Jesus!

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', September 1876, pages 227. 

Once more we are to the front in Leeds. The Circus having been obtained for Sabbath services, Miss Booth came down to conduct tho 1irst month's meetings. Already thousands have heard the word of life, and many precious souls have the word into life and liberty.

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', July 1878, pages 185.

WHEN you sent me to Leeds I laid myself entirely in the hands of my Father and bless God He is always with us. There are souls saved every night. Bless God we have a good army, who have got fully sanctified-between forty and fifty new members, who go out into the open air and tell their old companions what Jesus has done for them. We are firing right and left and well we may; we are going to drive the devil, I believe, from this neighbourhood. The roughs are beginning to be uneasy. when the devil is raging, God's people are always ready for the attack. Bless God, we take blood and fire into every street. We have the full armour; we are nothing wanting except money, and that Is very scarce, but we are fully trusting in God to deliver us. Lighthouse packed every Sunday, bless God, and it will hold nearly nine hundred.

From, 'The Salvationist', March 1879, page 76.

ON Sunday, July 13th, we had our Anniversary Services. Capt. Fawcett from Sheffield in command all day. At night the Salvation Hall was crowded to excess, not even standing room, and scores obliged to be turned away. At the close in the prayer meeting we had some four or five souls, and lots stricken all over the place and the Lord has been blessing us with souls at almost every service. Praise His holy name. On the Monday following, in the evening, we had seven or eight souls and four or five next night, and so on every night. Then agin on the following Sunday, the 20th, the place was packed again, as on the previous Sunday. Sister Parkins spoke with power, and we had more souls. Then, on the Monday night we were favoured with a visit from the GENERAL who seemed highly delighted with the turn affairs were taking at the old quarters at Leeds; and well he might, seeing the victory the Lord was giving us over this great stronghold of the devil. We had again a full house, and a glorious wind up and sinners seeking mercy at the finish. Hallelujah!

From, 'The Salvationist', September 1879, page 244.

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