Brighton - Salvation Army (1870)

Report on the Salvation Army's work in Brighton

Showers of blessings are still being poured upon us. Since last we wrote, over fifty persons have professed to find peace through the precious blood of Jesus. Our meetings are largely attended, the Town Hall being nearly full every Sunday evening. We now hold twenty-one meetings per week; oh, may they continue to be the means of gathering in many precious souls.

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', June 1870, page 90.

The average attendance for each Sunday had been over 1,000, and the greatest attention has been paid by all. We are deeply indebted to the authorities of the town for having stationed a police officer, in plain clothes, to attend each meeting. During the six months, we have held open-air meetings not one has been interrupted by rain.

It is a very blessed fact, that not a week has passed away since the Mission was formed without some souls being saved.


have ·professed to have found peace since December last. Oh, may God keep them all faithful unto death.

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', November 1870, page 176.

Catherine Booth did a number of successful meetings in Brighton, out of which this Mission Station was formed, but in December 1870 the people running the Station separated from the Salvation Army unwisely and it fell apart.

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