Penge - Salvation Army (1874)

In the midst of a working-class population, some 3 miles from Croydon, Stan is in need to go home which has been used for evangelistic work for some time by one or two dear friends who have earnestly sort the salvation of souls. Feeling, however, that they were not able to do open-air work and otherwise to arouse the neighbourhood sufficiently, they asked us to come over and help them and make the place one of our regular stations. Accordingly, we commence meetings and we rejoice to be able to report that souls have been gathered to the Master.

On the 7th, we went over with our gipsy brother in. The place was crowded and many were deeply convicted but refused to yield. On the following Sunday, however, there was a blessed breakdown and with cries in tears, 12 of these sort of sinners friend. One of them told us the following evening that he was so happy in Jesus that he had been convinced of sin the previous week, but he had no peace until Sunday when God pardoned all his sins. 

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', June 1874, Page 175.

Our heavenly Father has heard and answered prayer in behalf of the station.

The people are saying, “we never saw it after this fashion.“ We have seen wonderful things this month; Christians are being stirred up, souls are being saved and young converts are working hard to bring others to Jesus. Praise the Lord!

Since I wrote to you last, 37 souls of professed peace through believing in Jesus as saviour.

On the 17th, Brother Hart preached and the Holy Spirit applied the Word to the hearts of the people and five Precious souls sought pardon.

On the following Sabbath Brothers Wilson and Lane took the service and two souls were taken into the favour of God.

On the Monday night following, six others, who have been awakened, decided for God.

Then came Brother Lane, the converted tinker, who missions the streets, preaching to the people in the open air and then inviting them into the hall, which was soon filled. God graciously manifested his presence; the sermon went right home to the hearts of the people and 24 souls came out for Jesus.

It was a sight never to be forgotten. There were some of all sorts; from the hardened drunkard to the child of seven or eight years old. During the prayer meeting, some from the churches around came in, who did not believe anyone could know their sins forgiven. Some of these in turn were affected and anxious to have the peace and assurance and joy they saw on the new convert; they came to the penitent form, seeking the blessing of the Saviour's hands and left knowing they’re accepted in the beloved.

It caused our hearts to burn within us to hear one after another stand-up and testify what the Lord has done for them. 

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', July 1874, page 198.


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I do not know where the Hall was.

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