Roath - Salvation Army (1879)

The first monthly report from the Salvation Army station here.

WHEN you sent me word to go to Roath, I gave myself afresh into the hands of my heavenly Father, and, bless His holy name, since I took my stand here, we have seen His holy arm made bare-men, women, and children have wept their way to Calvary. 

Our hall is so crowded we cannot move. The seats, the aisles, even the stairs are full of people, and we do have some blessed times with the Lord. My people are hoping to get into the larger place, and we are expecting a mighty smash.

We have grand times in the open air-God blesses us. When I was speaking the other day, the devil tried to upset us. A poor old man, who seems to do anything Satan leads him to, brought out some beer, and wanted to know if I could talk without it! But, bless the Lord, we overcame, and a dear man who stood by followed us into the hall and got blessedly saved.

We had a young man who came to the meetings every night deeply convinced, but when we spoke to him he would not answer one word until one night at the holiness meeting he came out. Still all was dark. For two hours and a half we wrestled and prayed and at last, while singing, "Glory, glory, how the Angels sing, he shouted, "I do believe Jesus saves." Now he speaks either indoors or out.

The following Sunday he brought his brother, and during the week he was saved also, and now the whole house is happy in the Lord.

Some of our people are as happy as they can live, and the Lord has more in store for us yet.

From, 'The Salvationist', October 1879, pages 273-4.

A blessed work is doing here, over 100 souls have been brought to God these last few weeks. A grand band of young lads are doing all they can to roll the old chariot along - they are crying, more room, the place will not hold half the congregation on Sundays,

From, 'The War Cry', November 1880.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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