Glasgow - Salvation Army (1879)

This is the first monthly report from the Salvation Army station here

When in Glasgow, some month or two ago, we took the opportunity of looking round, with the aid of Mr Thomas Robinson, a friend who has seen something of our work in London and who was anxious we should do something in Scotland, found a large music hall in Anderston, capable of seating more than 2,000 persons, and finally engaged it for both Sabbaths and weekdays, in the name of the Lord, for His glory, and the salvation of precious souls.

The Victoria Music Hall stands in the right locality, all among the people, and to that side of the city we expect will prove a most suitable and advantageous headquarters.

On Sabbath, March 24th, our Sisters Milner and Prentice opened the building. Large posters, announcing that the "Hallelujah Lassies" were coming to speak for God and souls, had made known the date and times and notwithstandmg considerable opposition, the Lord has blessed our operations so far with the conversion of many precious souls.

We take the following from letters received from those on the spot. Our friend Mr Robinson had, in addition to helping very materially with the publishing, &c., arranged with some of his friends to render help with the first services.

Writing on the Monday, Sister Milner say: -

" Glad to tell you we had a pretty good opening, though not so good as I would have liked, but we had good open-air meetings.

"Bless God for what He has done alreadY. Fifteen came out to my loving Saviour, and found peace."

On the next day she writes again as to the Monday night meeting:-

"PraiseGod, we had a good open-air meeting; four police to protect us, and they are kind. A few of the converts (of the previous night) came up to help, but we had no souls inside."

Then as to the Tuesday:-

"I am so glad to tell you better news. Last night we had a grand time of it; twenty-one precious souls came to Jesus. More people last night. Collection better."

There has been some fluctuation in the work. Some of the rougher sort of people have disturbed the meetings inside, but the police have been kind in the matter and done their utmost to keep order. Our sisters have been loath to keep anybody out, as it is this very class we want to get at, but it has been once or twice necessary.

Later on, writing April 3, Sister Milner says:-

"We had a grand time last night (Wednesday). Fourteen souls for Jesus. Collection 8s. 2d. Bless God forever. I talked about Holiness the other night. Some of the folks are in a way. They say it is impossible- bless God it is not - 'Without holiness no man shall see the Lord.' '

Then again of the next day:

."A fast-day and holiday in Glasgow. Last night it was a real old hallelujah meeting. Bless God, five souls. Collection 15s. In the afternoon we had not many people but in the evening a great congregation. We are so troubled with the roughs. This will be a grand station I believe.

The following Sunday was not such a good time in point of numbers. letter, describing the day, says: -

"Yesterday was a powerful time, seven souls, but there was not so many people -there would have been more, only the roughs was so bad outside, and they had to go away. The police help us all they can. Hallelujah to Jesus.

As we go to Press, we have further news of Thursday night:- "Large congregation, and quite a breakdown. Twenty-one precious souls -fine big Scotchmen and women-seeking Jesus."

The Salvation Army has crossed the border. May God subdue all on both sides of the Tweed to Himself. He will. God save Scotland!

From, 'The Salvationist', May 1879, pages 125-6.

Hallelujah! The past month has been one of power and real blessing; in point of number the meetings have been a thorough success. As many people attend as we can well command and although some of the rough order have repeatedly tried to disturb us, the whole of our gatherings have been moderately quiet of late. Our whole, which accommodates 2,000 has been filled on Sunday, while during the week the attendance will average 900. The after-meeting has always been very blessed and productive of the best results. Very many helpless sinners each evening find their way to the penitent form, there to own to a gracious God their helplessness and finally to live, rejoice and testify to the power and preciousness of redeeming love. Glory to our king! 25 and 30 in a night profess to get blessedly saved. Our street meetings and marches are a wonder to many; the pluck and reality and devotion shown by the converts is coming to the front, and both and openly confessing Christ before men is a sure indication of health and fitness for determined hand-to-hand conflict with the powers of hell. These meetings have been subject to much opposition on account of the Satanic element which prevails largely in the district. On one occasion I was knocked down, but thank God only to rise triumphantly singing, “I do believe, I will believe, that Jesus died for me.” Yes, thank God, in spite of ridicule and even personal abuse, he who is the captain of our Salvation has triumphantly led us onward and upward. Glory forever to his name. Clear, bright and happy testimonies from night to night assure us that God is in our midst, that it is He who has so sweetly smiled on this effort and caused the seed sown to bring forth abundant fruit.

The dear Lord help us. It is cheering and Christ glorifying to report of the favourable condition of our Holiness meetings, refreshing and strengthening and a source of much power to the young converts. Indeed, many of our dear spiritual children deem it’s so great a privilege to meet one with another in sweet fellowship, and quite a number have now laid there all on the altar. The testimony is given to a pure and holy life are very, very fine, while feathers, pipes, tobacco and tobacco boxes of many of the converts have already found their way to our museum. The meetings are of the good old hallelujah sort, full of life in reality, although some of the more judicious thoroughbred Scotch prefer to do the shouting on the quiet. Bless the dear Lord for the dear Scotch people, the utmost harmony and brotherly feeling exist among all our members, all are so loving, real and so eager to work. Oh, hallelujah! Victory or death, onward we go to battle. NELLIE AND SUIE COPE.

From, 'The Salvationist', July 1879, pages 178-9.

Capt. Ballington Booth reports that on a recent Sunday there, in addition to the great crowds who listened to the truth in the open air, 9,000 persons attended the three buildings. In all, over 50 souls were saved.

From, 'The Salvationist', December 1879, page 328.

For future reports see, 'The War Cry' which began January 1880

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Building closed in 1968, then demolished.

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