The Oriental Theatre, Poplar - Salvation Army (1868)

This is just one article about the early Salvation Army station in Poplar.

THE brother stationed here writes: - "I am happy to inform you that the Lord's work is progressing, and im- mortal souls are being saved; all glory be to Jesus! The Lord has very much blessed us these last three weeks. Our preaching· services have been accompanied with much of the power of the Holy Ghost, and our private meetings have been the means of much blessing to our souls. Last Thursday, at one of our believers' meetings, over eighty were present. We all consecrated ourselves afresh to Jesus, and the spirit of prayer came down on us most richly. Some present seemed to be literally" filled with the Spirit," and enabled through his power to exercise faith for the salvation of precious souls. It was a glorious meeting- a time never to be forgotten; to God be all the glory. On Sunday last we had forty-four at our breakfast meeting; and as it was so wet that we could not go into the open air, we held a meeting in the hall. A young man, a navvy, who was present, came forward and gave his heart to God. He wept and trembled in an agony for about an hour and a half before he found the pearl of great price. At· last, however, he was enabled to cast his guilty soul on Jesus, and went home rejoicing, knowing that all his sins were washed away through the blood of the lamb. In the afternoon we broke bread together and a blessed season we had. The Holy Ghost broke our hearts afresh and we rejoiced with joy unspeakable and full of glory. In the evening Brother Stevens preached at the Oriental Theatre, with unusual power, and many sinners were pricked in their hearts. At the commencement of the prayer meeting a poor backslider, whoh11s been wandering around to all our meetings for some time, came forward, crying aloud for mercy, and the Lord soon saved him. Eight others professed to find Jesus. One, a poor woman, who once knew the Lord, but for a long time had forgotten Him, was restored, in answer to the prayers of a Christian husband. To God be all the glory!

From 'The East London Evangelist[, January 1869, page 58/9

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No longer exists as area developped.

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