Cubitt Town - Salvation Army (1876)

This is one of the monthly reports (quite an early one) from the Salvation Army station here.

We have been obliged to leave our old hall, but we have opened another, although far too small, just in the most needy spot, in the centre of4,000 working people, out of which there are not more than 300 attending any place of worship. The only way to reach them is to carry the Gospel to their very doors.

At the opening services several souls were saved, and others have been added nearly every service since. These new converts have joined the open-air workers, and are now telling others about salvation. By our services the neighbourhood has been roused, and numbers are asking for the bread of life. We can't invite any more to our present hall, for it is crammed already, and many shut outside.

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', April 1876, pages90/1.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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