Hormead - Salvation Army (1879)

By the invitation of a good brother who takes the Salvationist and now and then comes to see us in London, we have once or twice allowed a sister to spend a fortnight in the village of Great Hormead, near Buntingford, on the understanding that while resting in some part, she took some services in the little chapel there.

The first Sister who visited in this fashion held open-air meetings at which a man, the most utterly abandoned and wretched creature in the place- a drunkard and almost everything that was bad- was convicted and saved, and for months led a godly and earnest life, a witness for Jesus in all the region round about and.was then called home to be with Him, leaving a glorious testimony behind.

Sister Hockey, who still remains only very poorly, was down for a fortnight just lately and the whole place was stirred.

The little chapel was crammed night after night. During the day, our sister was engaged speaking and praying with convicted ones, and the slain of the Lord were many. The following from the dear brother, himself only a working man, at whose invitation our Sister went, and whose hospitality she shared gives his view of the fortnight's work. 

"My dear brother in the Lord,-! write to thank you for sending Miss Hockey to visit us. She has been a blessing to the place, for there has been some of the worst sinners in Hormead and district converted-people who never went to any place of worship. I believe the Lord has laid hold of one whole family.

"I cannot tell you how many souls there were saved but I shall know after a few days and then I will write again. 

"We were sorry to part with Sister Hockey, and should like her to come again after harvest, Hormead will never forget her."

We record this little attack as testimony to the power of the HolyGhost- may He open our way to do likewise in every village of the land.

From, 'The Salvationist', October 1879, pages 269-70.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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