Hackney - Salvation Army (1874)

This is one of the monthly reports from the Salvation Army station here.

To describe the wonderful way God has been working here in the past month is altogether out of my power. Our open-air meetings have been greatly blessed. One night a six·foot navvy came, with the tears streaming down his face, took hold of my hand, saying, " You are right, and I am wrong. What shall I do?" A poor costermonger going by with his barrow was stopped, came and stood, and literally cried out in the street, "Oh God! help." He came with us to the hall, gave his heart to God and at the close said, with his face shining with joy, "I don't know what my wife will say when I tell her. Now we shall be happy."

Another dear man came out of the crowd and said, "Can I come with you to heaven and praise the precious Lord?" He started, came and threw himself down at the feet of Jesus, and got pardon and went on his way rejoicing.

Sunday, 9th, was a day never to be forgotten in Hackney. Our dear people had been pleading all the week, and the power of God was manifest outside and in. While preaching in the morning from the "Ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs," a dear woman who had been very miserable stood up and said, by God's grace sho had returned, her face speaking to the truthfulness of her lips.

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', May 1876, page 111.

During this month 53 precious souls have publicly come forward seeking salvation, and, all glory be to God! many of them today are living witnesses that Jesus Christ has power on earth to forgive sin.

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', June 1876, page 136.

THE Lord is our shield and our exceeding great reward. These last four months many have been the slain of the Lord in Hackney, and today they are alive and shining forth to the glory of God. Our congregations are getting better, and the power of God is with us; faith and prayer shall prevail.

On Octobe 11th we had a tea meeting, after which we had a holiness meeting led by Mr Bramwell Booth. Many have testified since then to having the blessing of a clean heart.

From 'The Salvationist', December 1879, page 324.

For future reports see, 'The War Cry' which began January 1880.

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I do not know where these meetings took place.

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