Ilkeston - Salvation Army (1880)

It would perhaps be impossible to find sinners more violent terrible than some, borne on hell's downward stream, in the town of Ilkeston, where some five weeks since our sister here (Captain Heatley) first entered alone, yet not alone, (for no true salvationist as alone), and commenced the work which has indeed been blessed to the souls of hundreds; making hearts glad, homes happy and life enjoyable.

"No sinnners worse than Ilkeston sinners and nowhere was the Army more needed and I think nowhere has it been more blessed than here“ said a gentleman at his table one morning, whose experience of the town is great and whose influence is no less.

… as the train bore us to the side of the platform on Saturday evening, our ears and hearts were greeted with a fine old tune played by a large drum and fife band, accompanied by a grand war chorus from our troops assembled outside. On alighting we found an immense crowd in the station yard and the hill beyond completely filled on both sides with men, women and children, waiting eagerly at the arrival of the procession. After briefly addressing the troops, a march was made through the principal streets of the town. At first one felt quite at a loss to account where the people came from. It seemed as though, taking advantage of the holiday, the whole town turned out.

"Where can the people come from?" Said Captain Fawcett and we wondered indeed. Gentlemen, who have lived here nearly a lifetime, say they do not remember ever seeing so much general enthusiasm and interest manifested before. After making a circular route, so enabling the greatest number possible to hear us, a grand Salvation Testimony meeting followed in the British schoolroom. The singing was spirited indeed.

With hearty songs, loud hosannas, a short prayer meeting and several sinners in the Fountain (salvations), we closed this blessed night...

From, 'The War Cry', June 1880.

This report does not mention the numbers of salvations but it infers a good work here.




Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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