Newport - Salvation Army (1878)

This is an excerpt from the first monthly report from the Salvation Army station here.

..." December 23.-God has been saving during the week. On Tuesday night 4 joined us. On Wednesday 7 souls stepped into the fountain. On the Thursday two more found Jesus. On Saturday night 4 more got liberty, and yesterday 9 precious souls got saved."

"December 3I.-Yesterday was the best day yet spiritually. More people and meetings really grand. We get just the right sort of people-the roughs. They give us a little trouble, but as soon as we get one we shall get the whole bunch saved. Yesterday we had 14 precious souls. Glory to Jesus. Oh! may they be kept."

"January 1.-A blessed time last night in the open air. Inside we had a grand time. God came down all over us. We have had 120 souls since we came, some have joined other places, some have removed, several are sailors and some have gone back into the world but not many."

"January 7.- On Thursday every seat we had in the hall was filled and we had a blessed go, and seven stepped into the fountain. Friday night only one soul; and we had none on Saturday. If there is any more people, which there will be, they will either have to sit on the floor or stand up at our meetings. They were just the right sort on Sunday night, about three hundred of them, with their hair cut close to the head, and the navvy dress on. Oh, that God may break in amongst them. We had eleven souls."

''Jan 14. We still have to report victory; yesterday was a high day. Persecution was the order of the day. Snowballs flying about in all directions, first one in the ear, and then one m the neck, and just as I was singing and leading the procession, one came straight in my mouth. 'When we got to the theatre we were literally covered with snow. I have had to deal with a good many rough lots, but never any came up to Newport. May God save the roughs. Amen. Our congregations now better than ever. Twenty-two at 7 o'clock prayer meeting. We had an awful rough lot, it seemed as if the devil had marshalled all his forces, but glory be to God, Jesus was there and displayed his mighty power in saving nineteen souls.'

The last letter, which we have not space to quote, is really the best of all. We like the best wine at last - It tells of 350 at the weeknight believers' meeting, at the close of which 21 souls cried for mercy.

from, 'The Salvationist, February 1879, pages 37-8.

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