Tunstall - Salvation Army (1882)

A day or two after our opening here, a poor person said to an old man, “I can’t go in my clothes and I’ve only got my clogs“; but the old woman answered, “why, mum, you do not carry your heart in your clogs do you?“ No, thank God, it does not matter how you come to our Barracks, we love you as God loves you and look at your heart and not your clothes. Thousands have been in during the week, often packing the Theatre to excess and the Holy Ghost has shown many mighty works upon the hearts of the people who come, they tell us from miles around.

The oldest Christian workers in the place look upon the conversions here and have to declare they never saw it on this wise before. God so shook the people on Tuesday night that we ourselves stood astounded. Young men cried out mightily for mercy, women shrieked for pardon and peace 

… Old Mr Strynger, everybody knows him; he can only stand up and trembling say, “I’m the oldest sinner in the place; but thank God I am saved. Glory! Glory! Glory! I was wanting Jesus; but I came here the first Sunday and found him.”

Truly the sights here melt many a heart. The young converts come and march round town, singing and speaking to the neighbours. In the evenings young men weep and pray for God to save their parents and they come too. Young women can be seen on their knees asking their parents to give in, whilst the tears roll down their cheeks and the parents can hold out no longer, but come out, led by their children, almost every meeting. Salvation is to be heard ringing in many a street and home now.

Down in a pit, all last week, a dear man was singing over and over again – “open, open, open and let the Master in,“ and on Saturday he came and at the mercy seat he let Him in.

The other day I went to a brickfield to see some who sent for me to come and speak about their souls, and as I came near music came from the brickyard. The master said, “oh, it’s always like this now; some of them here are converted;“ and we praise God that the result of the visit was two more that night being saved and a service to be held there at dinner time.

Many homes are made happy, swearers are being cleansed from their sin and the neighbours know it… Truly the times here are so blessed I cannot tell you all. We love the people and the people love us. They pelted the captain with money on Saturday night. Thank God there’s showers of Salvation as well.

Even on Sunday, at 7 o’clock Knee drill, when 91 of us met, nine precious souls came to the Saviour of sinners… We can say, without a fear in the sight of God and man that 350 parents and young men and women have sought the Lord this week! And at least 300 of them were with us on Sunday last. We want another building for the people. We are looking out and believing.

From, 'The War Cry', November 1882.

This is just one example of what was happening here. More reports can be seen from the War Cry in future months/years.


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I do not know where the meetings were held.

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