Middlewitch - Salvation Army (1882)

We are still rolling the old chariot along. 16 went their way to Calvary on Sunday last and glory be to God they all testified that the Blood of Jesus had cleansed them from sin. At one of our experience meetings, a young man got up and told the people that he had tried all the so-called pleasures this world could offer, namely, horseracing, card playing, billiards et cetera but found no true happiness till he came to Jesus. God is indeed blessing us on every hand. At our Friday's Holiness muster, seven soldiers received sanctification and gave all up for their Lord and Master.

From, 'The War Cry', May 1882.

This is just one example of what was happening here. More reports can be seen from the War Cry in future months/years.


Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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