Salvation Army Edinburgh (1869)

Our stand·point on the battle·field is not so agreeable to flesh and blood us when in Dunedin Hall. The people we are among now are a few paces further on the broad road. Their souls are nearer the mouth of the pit; but, all praise and glory to our triune God," the battle is the Lord's."

Through the liberality of John Melrose and friends, their evangelist James Adam has been allowed to assist us and we have been able to have meetings every night. This beloved brother has been six weeks with us and God has greatly owned and blessed the word spoken by him.

On Sabbath, 18th June, hard work on the street, but a good meeting inside. Mr Stuart spoke and fourteen professed faith in Jesus.

On June 14th, our dear Brother Adam commenced work with an entire week of prayer, and precious were the hours spent at the mercy seat, "agonising for souls."

Sabbath, 20th June. Hard work on the street. Mr Adam addressed inside; several anxious and three decided for Christ:

Monday, 21st Junc.-Mrs. Thompson addressed twice on the street. A glorious meeting in the Mission House. Bro. Adam spoke; upwards of forty earnestly seeking salvation: Glory! Glory!

Wednesday, 23rd June.-Brother Adam addressed; very short, much prayer. Very few left when first meeting closed. Deep impression; weeping penitents all over the hall. 

From, 'The East London Evangelist', July 1869, page 175.

Additional Information

They moved from Dunedin Hall, to here. Currently, it seems to be the Carrubbers Christian Centre.

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