Bristol - Salvation Army (1880)

As I take up the pen to report, my soul is so full that I know not where to begin. God during the past week has indeed wrought wonders in our midst. At every meeting souls have been crying for mercy. Sinners of all classes, from the ragged drunkard to the respectable hypocrite, God has set at liberty. On Saturday night captain Taberer was taken home in the car very poorly, through rough usage, but God has well rewarded us for all our trials and persecutions.

On Sunday we began the day's fighting with 160 for the morning muster. Captured one soul. The open-air in Red Cross Street baffles all description. The windows and doors were thronged and the streets blocked with thousands of ragged children, men in dirty clothes and women with uncombed hair. It was tough work to get through but thank God our converts already are learning to stand the storm. At the morning meeting it was said we had a visit from the mayor of Bristol. Our convert's faces were all aglow, for God was with us of the truth.

In the afternoon we had a turn in the open-air, having a grand march and firing several volleys outside Captain George's house, but he was ill in bed. A little further on, a rush was made by a big burly fellow who dragged his sister out of the procession amidst her crying and tears. She had been saved only the night before. God save the family! We held a Hallelujah Free and Easy, when some strong determinations were uttered by our converts to stick faithfully to Jesus and the Army. Having had orders to go to a place called the Pithay.

At night we announced the meeting when the smiles of the congregation gave us to know we were going to warm quarters and were not disappointed. Someone had been on before and told the neighbourhood and as we turned into the place at night we found it all astir, evidently many, by their looks bent on mischief. The houses projecting from the walls being in the early English style of architecture gave the place a very dangerous, tumbledown kind of appearance. But in we went and although we mustered very strongly, what with the pushing and hooting and yelling of those around after we had sung two verses, we formed the band of March to the Circus. Nothing like bringing converts up in the way they should go and the torrents of rain that had just come down made the roads in a “floating“ condition. Through this we trudged our way onwards and found the Circus crowded, where some heavy shots from a Pentre soldier and others were fired. God came very near; conviction fell all over the place. Prayer meeting afterwards cannot be described. Everybody seems to be coming to see us. Crowds around the penitent forms. Oh, what cries for mercy. Jesus is in our very midst. Grey-headed sinners, young children, old men and maidens, husbands and wives, all wept their way to Calvary together. Heaven did indeed drop down and touch earth. Sinners turned pale and crumbled. We hardly knew whether we were in the body or out of the body. Between 60 and 70 set at liberty, making about 140 from Sunday to Sunday.

From, 'The War Cry', July 1880.

Circus packed 45 minutes before time announced to commence. At it we went. The result - 69 souls.

From, 'The War Cry', November 1880.

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The Pithay has been developed.

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