Dunedin Hall, Edinburgh - Salvation Army (1868)

This is one of the accounts of a Salvation Army station in Edinburgh.

This hall was opened on Sabbath, 4th October, for evangelistic meetings by Mr Stuart and a few others, whose hearts were yearning for the salvation of souls. We commenced with a prayer meeting, dedicating it and ourselves over again to the Lord and his works, pleading most earnestly for one soul, as a token of his approval of the effort.

We then went out to the street, sung a hymn, invited the people down, and filled the hall; the Lord was present, His power was felt, and, glory be to His name! two souls gave themselves to Jesus, and there were others inquiring the way. Such was our first meeting.

Sabbath, 11th.-From twenty to thirty present at the prayer meeting, and much nearness to God. Mr Stuart spoke in the street with great earnestness, the people listened with marked attention, and the hall was filled. At the second meeting-, one precious soul found the Saviour. Believers all seemed to have got a refreshing and a blessing.

Sabbath 18th - Meeting for prayer well attended. It was a sweet time. Believers did lay hold on God in prevailing prayer: we felt as if we were in the atmosphere of heaven. Good gathering on the street. Brother Wells addressed inside meeting. Fourteen remained, all enquiring after salvation and five professed faith in Jesus. Glory be to God! Every individual got a tract on leaving the hall.

Sabbath, 25th. – Good time in meeting for prayer; rather wet on the street, but a full and delightful meeting. Five gave their hearts to God. The Lord will work, for the Christians abound in prayer; they seem to be able to do nothing but pour out their hearts to God. A coloured brother from America, who had been a slave for 25 years, came in and joined us at the throne of grace, pleading for the same blessing. It was felt to be holy ground.

Sabbath, 1st November. - A glorious prayer meeting. The Lord sent a fine band of praying ones to help us. A night of pouring rain; it seemed almost useless to go out, but brother Stuart said we would not think we have done too much for Jesus when we look back from eternity; so out we went, sung a hymn, invited the people down, sang down the street into the hall; but when the devil saw he could not keep us in by holding forth the wet night to us, he made some poor agent of his turn off the lights. He is the father of darkness and his deeds like himself. 170 present in the hall. God’s presence was with us; His spirit was at work in the hearts of sinners, for eight souls subscribed their names to the Lord, as decided for him.

Sabbath, 8th. – Good prayer meeting, great liberty in prayer. Gathered a full meeting off the street; crowds came down. The Lord wrought his work in some hearts. Eight souls professed to accept Jesus as their own personal Saviour; other six left trembling under conviction. Believers rejoicing much over the work.

Sabbath, 15th. – A warm, delightful meeting. Eight souls decided for the Lord. 11 souls found the Saviour, the more we ask the more the Lord is showing us of His work. Blessed sight to see eleven souls seeking Jesus, some weeping bitterly, others crying for mercy and others anxiously drinking in the word.

Sabbath, 29th. – Great liberty in prayer. “Where have the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.” Hard work on the streets; hall comfortably filled. Brother Gray's address was very powerful. The Spirit blessed the word. 11 came into a side room and gave their names, some saying, “I do trust him, I will trust him; I believe Jesus died for me.“ One young woman started to her feet, saying to her companion, “oh Mary, if you only saw it; if you only felt it.“ Many more were anxious.

November 6. – We opened a week of meetings in New Street, Canongate; carried them on by singing, speaking and inviting the people in off the street. The first night, one man in the middle of the address said, “yes, I will take it, I will.“ There were four decisions that night; the next night too, the next six anxious and four decided.

November 11. – We sang up through the Canongate and gathered a large meeting. 10 remained, seeking salvation; five left praising God and returning thanks for a Saviour found. The next night we had two and the next, three clear cases. This weeks work was finished up with a tea meeting in brother Gray‘s house. We have also meetings for prayer every Saturday night. 

From, 'The East London Evangelist', January 1869, page 61.

On Sabbath, 7th February, there was much of the presence and power of God realised in the prayer meeting, large crowds in the street, hall filled to excess, two useful addresses, and eighteen souls professed faith in Jesus.

Every night during the week, commencing Monday, 8th February. we had open-air meetings in the principal thoroughfares of the city. There were great crowds, marked attention, and the standard was raised aloft for Jesus. Praise the Lord for the witness-bearing.

Sabbath 14th, blessed meetings in the street; hall quite packed; a most respectable audience. 'Two powerful addresses, and fourteen souls found Jesus.

Sabbath, 21st. Thirty of the workers engaged in prayer in half an hour before going into the street; great gatherings in the street. Thanks to Mr Booth's delightful hymn book, and Mr Motherwell's excellent help in teaching us the tunes, the singing has become a great attraction. Afterwards, there were fourteen anxious enquirers and twelve decided.

Sabbath, 28th February. Twenty prayed in fifteen minutes before going to the street. Mr Stuart addressed the meeting. Afterwards, a young man told his conversion, thus: " I was coming up the mount last Sabbath when I saw a young woman with a magazine or religious journal of some sort in her hand; the thought struck me;· 'That must be a good young woman. As she moved nearer I saw the words, 'The East London Evangelist.' and as she was just passing I said to her, 'It is a fine night,' 'Yes', she said. 'yes if you make good use of it.' I said, 'can you tell me how to do that?' 'Yes,' she said. If you go up to Dunedin Hall they will tell you.' So I came, and last Sabbath night I found Jesus." Fourteen souls that night believed in Christ.

Our Sabbath afternoon meetings have been delightful times. The young converts get an opportunity of telling their conversion, some of their experience during the past ·week, others of the workings: and !eadings of the Holy Ghost within them. Altogether, the experience meetings have been very precious seasons; nerving us for the work at night; firing our hearts with love for Jesus, and for the souls of our fellow men, and enabling us to enter more heartily into this great conflict with all the opposing forces of earth and hell. Hallelujah to God and the Lamb!

The work is increasing in blessing, in interest, and in numbers so much, that we have been obliged to look out for larger premises, and the Lord has given us a place in Chalmers' Close, Hig:h Stree!, of which we take possession in May when we hope Mr and Mrs Booth will be able to come and help us in the opening services.

From, 'The East London Evangelist', April 1869, page 111/2

On Sabbath, the 7th March there were large gatherings in the streets. The hall was filled to excess. Powerful addresses were given by a brother and sister and the most glorious meeting followed; the Holy Ghost was powerfully at work. Upwards of 20 decided for the Lord.

Sabbath, 14th March. EffectIve street work; great crowds listened; the hall was filled. Brother Stuart addressed the meeting and above 20 souls sought the Saviour.

Sabbath, 21st of March. Quite a multitude in the street, Brothers Steel and Ross addressed the meeting. Much hardness and resistance of the Spirit was felt, still, we had the victory and six professed faith in Jesus.

Sabbath, 28th of March. Hard work on the street. The hall was filled, brother Stuart spoke, and 11 gave their hearts to God.

Our experience meetings on the Sabbath afternoons have been soul-stirring and heart cheering seasons. We can readily see that the young converts are growing in Grace, they are obedient to the teachings of the Holy Spirit, and seem to appreciate and commend the word of God. They are speaking for Jesus in their houses as well as in the meetings.

From, 'The East London Evangelist', May 1869, page 127.

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