Middlesborough - Salvation Army (1875)

We opened the campaign on Sunday, 24th Jan, by preaching in the Theatre Royal, afternoon and evening. About 2000 were present at both services, and the Word was with power.

In the after-meeting many were under deep conviction, but none publicly decided for God. We were determined, however, to push the battle to the gate. Our brethren of the Gospel Hall kindly offered us their place for week-night meetings, and souls have been saved at every service held there. The brethren from the Young Men's Christian Association have also helped us very heartily. Praise the Lord!

On Sunday, Jan. 31, I preached in the afternoon from "The Blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin." God blessed the testimony; many wept and the holy fire began to burn. The open-air meeting was well attended; we processioned to the theatre and about 2000 were present; I preached from  "He put clay upon mine eyes~I washed and do see. There was great attention and in the after-meeting much weeping. The clown of the theatre, his Wife, and some others who came in to laugh remained to weep. One young man cried out in good earnest, "God have mercy upon my poor soul!" and several left rejoicing in the saving love of God. We hear the town missionary has rendered us great help in the open-alr meetings in dealing with the anxious and visitiing the new converts.

On Sunday, Feb. 7, we had an increase in congregations and power; 2,500 were present in the evening. Mrs Dowdle preached in the afternoon and the Spirit of the Lord knocked very loudly at many hearts. At night I preached on the Love of God and many realised that God had so loved them as to provide a Saviour for them. In the after-meeting great numbers stayed; several came forward on the stage and sought salvation. Among others who were weeping, and not in vain, was a lad of fifteen employed in the theatre in scene-painting and lighting the gas. When we were singing the Doxology, the Spirit came like a flood; a. backslider fell from his seat on the floor-two others came weeping on to the stage and the Lorcl saved the three. On Monday and Wednesday, some who were wounded at the theatre were healed. 

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', March 1875, pages 70/1.

I praise the Lord I am able to report a mighty shaking among the dry bones of Middlesbrough. Life-giving power has been in every service held. Since my last report, above eighty have professed conversion, and many have entered on the life of entire consecration. The young converts are bringing their families and friends to the sinners' Saviour. Husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, and children are getting converted. Our congregations are increasing in number and in power. On the Sabbath we have an open-air service at eleven. Hundreds of men are usually walking about at this hour who never think of going to any place of worship. In the afternoon, at 2.30, we have a preaching service at the theatre, where about I,000 people attend. At six o'clock we have an open-air meeting, proocssioning to the theatre, where we have an average congregation of 2,500 people.

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', April 1875, pages 99.

'The Sunday Service at the Middlesborough, Theatre Royal was attended by some 3,500 persons and so great was the impression made by the sermon that thirty penitents were willing to mount the stage as seekers of pardon in the presence of so vast an audience.

From, 'Catherine Booth, mother of the Salvation Army, Volume II, by Booth-Tucker, page 46.

At the Prince of Wales Palace

During the past month, Miss Booth visited us for five days and many blood-bought souls have been blessed and saved. Her first Sunday with us was a day of power, and it will not be soon forgotten by those present. It was a grand sight to see a large hall filled to the door with anxious hearers, while hundreds went away, not being able to get so much as inside the door; but the grandest sight of all was to see old and young flocking to the penitent form, with groans and tears, tor God to save them. We closed the meeting with eighteen souls. To God be all the Glory! Tuesday and Wednesday Mliss Booth preached again, and God used her to lead some twenty more precious souls to the SavIour. 

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', January 1878, page 10.

Glory, Gory, glory. The past month has been a month of great rejoicing, believers quickened, sinners saved, thirty have professed to find peace in the blood; week-night hall packed every night with drunkards and the roughest in the town; the devil fights and rages with his army, but has suffered defeat on every occasion. 

From, 'The Salvationist', October 1879, page 279-80.

For future reports see, 'The War Cry' which began January 1880.

Additional Information

The building reached both Albert Street and Sussex Street, but I am not sure where in the block it was.They later split into the Oldfellows Hall and the Prince of Wales Palace.

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