Sheerness - Salvation Army (1880)

Sunday last at Sheerness was a good day. Brother Hinchcliffe and I went down for two nights in the week. The school was far too small, so the friends lent us the large Wesleyan Chapel, which I heard seats 1100 people. At 7 o’clock we met in the open air with our salvation music. Grand muster. We sang our way to the chapel, crowds following and we filled every seat. Much power fell on all present and at the prayer meeting, 19 came out for salvation.

Tuesday night was very much better. During the open-air march we had such a row outside that a lot of folks said we were a nuisance already and so we mean to be, more and more, to the devil and everything that is wrong. When we got to the chapel, it was full. Brother H and myself took possession of the pulpit. We sang and prayed and believed until the glory came and at the prayer meeting 30 more sought and found salvation. We closed the meeting at 11 o’clock and we felt that we ought to stay another night here, so we told the folks to announce the Gypsy and a Happy Yorkshireman for the next night. Thank God He led us to stop, for I shall never forget this meeting. It was the best. The chapel was full again and God moved upon all that were there. After singing and speaking for some time, we cleared about a dozen forms and invited those who wanted clean hearts to come forward with those who wanted pardon and in about 10 minutes every form was full. After everybody got sweetly saved, we got them to stand up and sing.

Then we counted them and we found 79 have been seeking – some for a full salvation and others for pardon. We praised God and at 11 o’clock, in the stillness of the night, as we went to our homes, the dear young converts were singing all about.   Rodney Smith.

From, 'The War Cry', March 1880.

... 215 had professed salvation since the Army came here and they could lay their hands on 150 today. Oh, hallelujah!

From, 'The War Cry', April 1880.

Additional Information

I do not know where the Wesleyan Methodist chapel was.

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