Manchester - Salvation Army (1878)

This is a monthly report from the Salvation Army station here. (I have wanted to include something here for some time, but the reports never say how many were saved. Nor does this one, but the language seems to infer that a revival was going on and I would be surprised if it wasn't with what was going on at the other stations.)

THANK God that ever Salvation soldiers made a fort of this place. The multitude that stood round our Saviour when casting out devils had not more cause for amazement than have hundreds, nay thousands, here in Manchester, when they see and hear some of the vilest and worst of their neighbours stand upon our platform and testify in living, burning, convicting words God's power to save from sin. "Talk to me of devils," said one of our brothers, who told us he had been steeped in all kinds of sin, "I had many devils in me before I was converted - lying devils, swearing devils, drunken devils; but Christ has turned them all out now, and takes up all the room, bless God!" And we did bless God, and cannot but adore from our inmost souls the power that has done this.

Such is the general spirit of interest and inquiry in all parts of the city, and indeed for miles round, that the people flock in hundreds to the services; and now we have as many as 1,600 or 1,700 people on a weeknight. 

As we feared when writing our last, tho Temple, though capable of holding 2,000 people, has proved too small for Sunday services, and such has been the crush to obtain admittance that we had frequently to have thirteen or fourteen policemen, in addition to ten or eleven of our own staff, to keep the doors clear.

Owing to our extraordinary bills and the open-air work, we are reaching the masses, often having the Temple more than half full of the roughest in Manchester. We have had some severe opposition, but breaking seats, smashing windows, throwing mud, eggs, marbles, stones, and burning cayenne pepper, flying pigeons, hooting and shouting and hissing did not, and, thank God still, cannot stay God's saving power.

Salvation Room, Boundary Street. 

All were cheered here the other night, to find some 700 present. Through almost incredible difficulties our soldiers have fought and still fight, the good fight of faith. Some were down here, but we had sixty pithy testimonies in about four minutes. At the conclusion of a Salvation Band Meeting, at which seventeen slaves were liberated, proved that Army powder was in store. There were card players, billiard players, pigeon-flyers, dog fanciers, and well-nigh all classes testifying in that meeting

From, 'The Salvationist', June 1879, page 151-2.

Sill going on at the end of 1879.

For future reports see, 'The War Cry' which began January 1880.

The past week has been one of glorious victory: 66 precious souls up for pardon and 17 for the blessing of a clean heart. Conviction seems all over the place and the station has the name of being rough and disorderly, but I never stood up before with more ordinary people since I have been in the Army. We have found that patience and hard work and the Holy Ghost have already subdued many stubborn wills. Thursday night it would’ve done your souls good to have heard the anxious cries and to have seen the tears rolling down the cheeks of poor sinners.

From, 'The War Cry', July 1880.

I thank God for the past and the present. It has been truly glorious; souls have wept and found their Redeemer – 12, 15 and 20 at a time. Last Monday was blessed; two open air, with bands, in the evening; 16 and 17 in the ring at a time to speak. The word ran like fire among dry stubble. The fire was fanned hotter and hotter, until every soldier seemed in a white heat.

The Temple was crowded and hundreds turned away. I never remember the soldiers more in earnest. The precious ones taken from the enemy – some wept, some groaned, others shouted “glory!” Others hugged each other. While the Great Captain was taking his place as a Physician to heal the wounded, six brokenhearted sinners. Oh! Glory to God. When the healing work was over, with smiling faces and hearts all of a glow, 57 witnessed of the love of God in 15 minutes. It is the cry of saint and sinner, at every meeting, that the work gets better.

The Holiness meetings I cannot describe. They are the secret of our success. I never before experienced such times.

From, 'The War Cry', October 1880.


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I do not know where the Temple was.

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