Guisborough - Salvation Army (1880)

Hallelujah. We have on the whole armour of God, armed with the sword of the Spirit and using the mighty battering ram of God's everlasting love. The Devil's kingdom is tottering and falling. After a number of splendid testimonies at our Saturday Free and Easy, a brother dropped on his knees, took hold of God and down came the power. The hall was full of the glory and three precious souls got preciously saved. Sunday, open-air and indoors, all good. At night the theatre was packed with hundreds of precious dying men and women thirsting for the water of life. Oh, how they drank in the simple story of a Saviour's dying love. The story over, very few leave the hall; the majority seem chained to their seats. We pleaded mightily with God on behalf of the souls before us. The meeting was awfully hard. Scores would’ve liked to have been saved, but “no, not tonight,“ was the cry from one after another. God heard and answered our prayers and two souls came to Jesus and were made whole. Hallelujah! Thank God for victory. On Monday, two souls; Tuesday, three more. At the Wednesday assembly, 70 spoke. Thursday, two more in the Fountain. Publicans are crying out as they find their customers lessen. We were standing warning the people to “flee from the wrath to come,” when a publican came out of his house, went up to a policeman and evidently asked him to move us as he came directly and ordered us to march. The devil is sure to rage when he’s being spoiled of his prey.

From, 'The War Cry', November 1880.

“Death and Glory Boys“ are still going in with all their might and mane and the devil is beginning to kick. The fight was hard on Sunday, but glory be to God the victory was gained. Captain Bamford said we all went into the fountain together and got another dip. Then we felt it was glory in our souls. The police moved us on from our stand. So we marched round the town stirring up everybody. Theatre packed; two souls. The boys mean victory or death and glory. Of late God has been saving some sisters for whom we rejoice and praise Him.

Sunday, grand opening at Aston Mines. When I arrived on Saturday I found the Army altogether praying and waiting for me; ready for anything. As command was given to turn out into the streets at once, we processioned to the school room, kindly lent for a Free and Easy that night and it was a grand time. I found some real Blood and Fire soldiers, bent on victory at all cost. They have been working here some weeks with help from Guisborough and Middlesbrough without an officer to lead them. They have taken 40 prisoners, they’re now fighting with them and taking others for Jesus. 70 spoke, it was perfect enjoyment to be there.

Sunday, 7 am 22 met for knee drill. One man was so convicted that he could not stay in bed but came and got saved. 10 o’clock, charged on the town; woke up the whole neighbourhood. At 11, in Oddfellows Hall. God came down upon us, 30 came out for consecration and cleansing and got it. Half past one, we mustered strong, 60 in the ranks, two fiddles and two bangoes. Everybody seemed alarmed. Oddfellows Hall crowded; meeting full of life and power. 5:30, we swept the streets. The Free Methodists marched their people up and joined us in this open air, then we had a go for God together. We marched away and filled the Oddfellows hall full up; they marched away and filled their chapel 5:30, we swept the streets, they marched away and filled their chapel. The Primitive Methodist chapel was full as well. We had 15 souls; Free Methodists two and The Primitives, who had an old Salvation Army soldier preaching, had eight souls. So it was a victory right round, and the whole countryside was moved. I am expecting a great harvest of souls out of this place from these Cleveland miners.

From, 'The War Cry', October 1881

This is just two examples of what was happening here. More reports can be seen from the War Cry in past and future years.

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I do not know where the meetings were held.

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