Kettering - Salvation Army (1874)

I came to this station on the 21st of February and began my labours on Sunday, February 22nd. We had a good day and one young man came out for Jesus. We had a good week also and on the following Sunday God broke right in upon the devil's camp, and, although he roared and raged, and men and women looked amazed, we came out with ten souls for Jesus. Glory! they all came nobly out for God. I never shall forget that day as long as I live, for it was all glory, glory!

Another grand week followed. I have been here seven weeks and have not spent a Sunday without souls; that was my cry as the train pulled up at Kettering station on the 21st of February, and God has given me the desire of my heart.

Our indoor meetings are well attended; on Sunday mornings the hall is nearly full, afternoons it is packed, and in the evening many have to go away, not being able to get near the door. On weeknights, also, very often the hall is quite full. Of the thirty who have professed to find Christ since I came here, all but one are walking consistently and hopefully and he fell through that horrid drink which sends hundreds to hell! Oh! if you could but go to the homes of these new converts with me, and hear them tell how happy they are, it would do you good.

... We had a believers tea on the 10th of March; about 70 were present. We had a good time and since that night we have loved one another more. 

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', May 1874, page 146.

PRAISE GodI there is in this place a sound of abundance of rain. Oh, that it now from heaven might fall! In sending this, my first report, I am glad to say that the Lord has wonderfully blessed us. Scarcely a service has passed without manifestations of His saving power.

Sunday, July 12th, was my first time in Kettering.

We turned out morning and evening to declare war against the kingdom of the devil, and while we sang our war-songs and proclaimed a full and free salvation, many wept; others seemed to wonder what it was all about, but we told them that "The love of Christ did us constrain, To seek the wandering souls of men; With cries, entreaties, tears to save, to snatch them from a gaping grave."

In the evening afterwards, we had a glorious time in the hall, and five souls found peace.

On Sunday the 19th was another blessed day. In the evening the people, not being able to get into the hall, a brother preached to the overflowing crowd outside, while I spoke in the hall. The power of God fell upon the people as we sang the opening hymn and eight souls professed to find salvation at the close.

 From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', August 1874, page 258

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I do not know where the meetings were.

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