Mountain Ash - Salvation Army (1879)

This is a monthly report from the Salvation Army station here.

(I have been wanting to record something for a few months because it seemed that a revival was happening, but no figures were mentioned.)

The past month has been a good one, over 50 have wept their way to the feet of Jesus and found pardon. Now they sing and talk about Jesus.

.From, 'The Salvationist', July 1879, page 177

The past month has been a month of victory.

...Sunday, August 3rd, we commenced with God at 7 o'clock. Hallelujah! we had Him all the day, and never mean to let Him go. We had six precious souls step into God's most marvellous light. Glory be to God.

Bank Holiday, August 4th, we had a grand go in. People in Mountain Ash were all amazed and looked on with astonishment, and wondered what two such weak things as us were going to do with the hundreds we had to deal with that day, but bless God He gave us grace and strength to carry it on- bless His dear name. Between six and seven hundred partook of a bountiful tea. The detachment from Aberdare and Aberammon, headed by the Aberdare flag of Blood and Fire, Captain and Mrs Robinson and Captain Mrs Shepherd joined us for the evening, and a glorious time of it we had; the hall was packed to suffocation and many had to go away. Our Cottage Prayer-Meetings take well. 

From, 'The Salvationist', September 1879, page 248.

For future reports see, 'The War Cry' which began January 1880.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were.

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