Whittington Moor- Salvation Army (1881)

Thank God, the work is still rolling along here. Since the arrival of Captain Williamson and Lieutenant “Happy Martha“, we have had some glorious soul saving times. Numbers of deep dyed sinners have been led to the foot of the Cross, got rid of the burden of sin and are now rejoicing in the God of their Salvation. Hallelujah! Our Saturday night Free and Easy was a glorious time.

On Sunday morning we had a splendid meeting, powerful testimonies. At night open-air, as many as four or five guns waiting to fire into the enemy's ranks at one time; then the order was given to fall in four deep and half marched off to the barracks and half marched to the Queen's Room, which we have been obliged to engage for the last three Sunday nights since our new officers came and powerful meeting at both places; finished with four in the Fountain making over 40 who professed to find peace in the 18 days that our new officers have been here. Praise the Lord!

From, 'The War Cry', September 1881.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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