Mansfield - Salvation Army (1880)

I’m glad to tell you that the God of heaven hears our cry. Bless his name. God has been saving every night. On Tuesday the 18th, we had a grand tea; 300 sat down. We had a grand meeting after tea, when 19 souls found peace in Jesus. Hallelujah! They all praised the Lord together; such a shout – the King was in the camp. On Friday night we had a band of sisters speaking for Jesus and two sinners came out while the speaking was going on. We sang until they obtained peace. Praise the Lord! One of them said, out of a full heart, that the Lord had pardoned her sins. On Sunday we had a grand day; 63 at the morning prayer meeting – three souls saved. Hallelujah! Our open-air meetings were grand. Thousands of people came to hear about Jesus. We believe good impressions were made. We processioned the streets, which were crowded. Oh, what a sight! Our Salvation Barracks were packed. In the afternoon and night we had some of our friends from Hucknall, who spoke with power and at the close 24 precious souls found Jesus. Praise his name. Since we opened at Mansfield, 91 have professed to find Jesus. We have a deal of visiting to do. The people are sending for us all over the town to see them and they seem to think that if we speak to them they will get saved. We were visiting on Wednesday and found two old men in one house living in sin. After talking to and praying for them and pointing to Jesus they were both saved; one being 76 and the other is 67 years of age. Are they not brands plucked from the burning? God is raising an Army here. Captain Wood 

From, 'The War Cry', June 1880.


Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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