Royal Assembly Rooms, Margate - Catherine Booth (1867)

After meetings in a small venue in Ramsgate, Catherine seized on the much bigger Royal Assembly Rooms in Margate, when they became available.

She moved the whole family to Margate, anticipating a good season. she struggled from the first because she did not know anyone there, so she had to do everything which was very tiring. However, it was a marvellous success with ministers, journalists and people from all over the country crowding out the Rooms every Sunday. Many were converted. A local minister tried to take the venue away from her by offering a higher price, but he failed.

Catherine made many good contacts for the future in Margate.

From, 'Catherine Booth, mother of the Salvation Army, Volume I, by Booth-Tucker, pages 311-13. 

Additional Information

The Assembly Rooms burned down in the 1880s

With thanks to Margate Local History for the photo.

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