Bethesda Calvinistic Methodist Chapel - Mold (1905)

The revival continues to gather force in North Wales. A meeting held at Mold was remarkable for its power and effect. The leader was Rev. Seth Joshua (who was used of God in leading Evan Roberts into a glorious experience) Mr. Joshua called upon all the men present to sing a verse of ‘I Surrender’, and urged them to let the surrender include foot-ball, billiards, drink, and everything that kept them from Jesus Christ. Then he called upon the women to sing a verse, and asked them to let the surrender include attendance at dances, chit-chat, gossip, and back-biting, all expensive forms of dress and living, and whatever hindered their progress as Christians. At the close of the meeting a large number of converts came forward. Prayer-meetings are being held in all Nonconformist places of worship at Mold. It has now been ascertained that the number of conversions, as a direct result of the revival movement in the Nantile Vale district alone, reaches the total of 480. From, 'The Great Revival in Wales', by S B Shaw, page 111.

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