Sion Baptist Chapel - Llanfyllin (1905)

The revival movement in Llanfyllin began about seven weeks ago, and as in nearly all other places, the impulse appears to have been strikingly spontaneous. Prayer meetings full of religious fervour and enthusiasm, continue to be held each evening until a late hour, and are largely attended by the townspeople and people from the adjoining villages. Without any organised effort the movement spread with great rapidity to all the country villages and the hamlets, and soon they were, with few exceptions, ‘aflame with religious fire’... Young men and women, on becoming converts, have been ridiculed by their former friends in some case, but the converted ones have responded with intercessory prayer on behalf of their tormentors, and this has often led to conversion.

From, 'The Cardigan and County Times', 28th January 1905.

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