Bethesda Baptist Chapel - Ponthenry (1905)

We have felt a little of the revival in this church, but are very keen to have Holy Spirit more potently and powerfully. There have been prayer meetings there for six weeks, and the meetings have been quite ardent. On Monday evening, after the Schools' Christmas Assembly, there was a very ardent prayer meeting. The chapel was packed and there was a respectable congregation of about 500, worshipping God warmly and fervently, and everyone said, it is good for us to be here [Mark 9:5]. The fire went down to Caraway, and there have been ardent prayer meetings from then until now and several people have been saved. The first Sunday of this year the minister, the Rev. Owen John, baptised 14 and 5 were restored and two letters, making an addition of 21. There are several candidates for baptism.

27th January 1905, Seren Cymru newspaper.


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