Calfaria Welsh Baptist Chapel - Fforest-Fach (1905)

The whole neighbourhood of Fforest-Fach has been quickened. Many drunkards have been reclaimed and show hopeful signs of repentance. The meetings are still full of enthusiasm and fervour, especially among the young people, Nowhere, however, has the change been so remarkable as at the different works and pits, prayer meetings being held in most of them.

From, 'The Christian', 5th January 1905


We are delighted to inform readers of the SEREN that the revival fire has been burning here for the last three months. The fire broke out at a prayer meeting of the young brothers, and since then we have been having blessed meetings here. The church here has risen to a more spiritual ground than it has ever seen before. The old, the young, brothers and sisters, are taking a public part in the meetings, and everyone takes part as impelled by the Holy Spirit. Mr Richards, the minister, as usual full of life, puts all his energy into the cause of the revival. He has baptised 24, eight have been restored, and approximately 30 others are still before the church.

17th February 1905, Seren Cymru

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