Bwlchnewydd Baptist Chapel (1905)

We have had cause to rejoice because God through his spirit had visited us in an unusual way. Many people here have been convinced of their sin, and have come to ask for a place among his people. Although we have been without a minister for close on two years and existing on supplies, we have received new life for the church. The members feel that the current Revival has been a great blessing to the church because a lot of the old members have been transformed into new members. There are now several willing to take part in the service who were never heard to say a word in public before. Another thing now heard here is the number of sisters taking part in the meetings, and creating fire in the service.No one had ever heard that any sister had taken a public part in a prayer meeting at Bwlchnewydd, but now there are several who pray, and some talk about their religious experience. This is how the Revival began. In a preparatory meeting on Nov 30th, 1904, it was felt that something was at work in the meeting that was completely different to what we are used to feeling at such meetings. So one of the brothers asked, what if we were to have a series of prayer meetings here to ask God to pour out his spirit on us as a church. It was decided to start meetings at once, and we are pleased to say they have continued and are still to continue, and we can say with unhesitatingly that the meetings have been blessed. There is a fervour and gusto in them, the amens have returned as in time gone by. The basis of our success as follows Dec 4th 1904, the Rev. M.Lewis, Cwmsyfiog baptised one person; again on Dec. 13th , 13 by the Rev. D. H. Davies, Pencader; again on January lst, 1905, 4 by the Rev. M. Owens, Carmarthen, and we have had two back from the far country. The above Sunday, 19 were received into communion.  No one alive remembers so many being admitted to this church simultaneously. Also, there are 10 here waiting for baptism – a total of 30.

20th January 1905, Seren Cymru newspaper.

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