Bethany Baptist Chapel - Six Bells (1905)

On the evening of Sunday, January 29th, 43 [were baptised], four of whom came forward at the time, one of the four being an old woman who had crossed the mountain and who left the baptistery singing melodiously, and some Welsh woman in the crowd was shouting, ‘Thanks be to him’. On the evening of Wednesday, February lst, 43 [were baptised], seventeen of whom came forward at the time, six being from other denominations. On February 12th, 38 [were baptised], five of whom came up at the time, one farmer from the Independents who would have had to walk a great distance, had not Mr. Brace insisted on giving him a change of clothes. The total of converts since November 28th is over 650, close to 250 of whom have been admitted to full membership, 400 are still awaiting the same privilege. There were 986 at our Sunday School last Sunday.  

17th February 1905, Seren Cymru


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