Capel Penuel Tyddyn Shon Baptist Chapel (1904)

Revival meetings are held at Tyddyn Shon, and during the week there have been eleven conversions.

From, 'The Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald', 16th December 1904.


We continue to have blessed meetings here. The heavenly influences are to be felt more generally this week, and their effects on some people are more overwhelming. We had an unforgettable meeting on  Saturday evening. The meeting began as usual at seven o'clock, and it was one o'clock in the morning before we left the vestry, and many were unwilling to leave even then. Thirteen people took part in the prayers after midnight. The brothers and sisters vied to take part from the beginning to the end of the service, and the congregation was in the grip of intense feelings. On Sunday afternoon, before chapel full of spectators, our dear pastor, the Rev. D. R. Owen baptised one sister and eight young brothers, the fruit of the Revival, and received them [into the church] in the evening. together with another sister by letter, making the church numbers at the beginning of the year 101, an increase of 28 in the course of the year. Others still before the church. Our prayer is that the Lord continue in the influences of his Spirit in our midst.

20th January 1905, Seren Cymru newspaper

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