Countess of Huntingdon Church - Worcester (1905)

During the past fortnight, Worcester, in common with other towns in the district, has been the scene of a remarkable religious revival, conducted by two Welsh students and a Welsh miner. The mission was intended to last a week, and as a matter of fact at the end of that time, the three preachers passed on to Mlavern, but so great was the impression made by their ministrtions that the Free Church congregations decided to continue the meetings for another seven days. A most enthusiastic meeting was held at the Countess of Huntingdon's Church, the congregation praying and singing until long after the accustomed hour for the closing of the building. Indeed, their fervour only seemed to increase as the hours sped by, and eventually they had to be forcibly ejected. Not to be denied, the excited revivalists made their way into the vestry, where the proceedings were resumed with unabated vigour. The climax of the first week's services was reached on Saturday , when a mass meeting was held in the Public Hall, a building capable of accommodating some 1500 people. The place was packed, and extraordinary enthusiasm characterised the proceedings. At 11.00pm a procession was formed, torches were lighted, and to the strains of, 'Glory March' the excited hundreds marched round the city, finally halting at the Salvation Army Barracks in Lowesmoor - a disused music hall. Here the service was resumed, if possible, with increased fervour, and the procedings dd not terminate until close upon 2.00am on Sunday mornig. Some wonderful conversions have been recorded. From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 24th January 1905.

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