Caerasalem Welsh Baptist Chapel - Morfa Nefyn (1905)

We started to hold prayer meetings in the Morfa about seven weeks ago, and it was felt from the beginning that the Lord was near. The fellowship was filled with a strong desire to crown Jesus. After continuing in prayer and praise for some weeks, behold a rift in the clouds, and Jesus in his glory came into view.  Soon the listeners were seen beginning to tremble; to begin with they tended to retreat in fear but the attraction was too strong. Back they came, not now to listen but to present themselves to the Lord and his people. During recent weeks we had the privilege of seeing 8 following Jesus through the waters of baptism - 2 of them on January 27th and 6 on February 3rd, and these eight were admitted to the midst of the family together with 4 from the country of backsliding. There are 3 people still awaiting the privilege of following Jesus through the watery grave. Very powerful influences have been experienced here.

(12/3 Zoar 12)(27/3 33 baptised  plus more to come)

17th February 1905, Seren Cymru

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