YMCA Great Marlborough Street (1860)

The following account of the spiritual movement among the young men, was given by Mr H. F. Bowker, then Secretary of the Y.M.C.A., Great Marlborough Street: " A gathering of more than usual interest was assembled last evening at this place. Owing to the great bless- ing which the Lord gave us when our dear friend Mr Radcliffe came to our Rooms on Thursday week, we invited the young men in the neighbourhood last evening at seven o'clock. The large room was well filled in every part, and two most animating and powerful addresses were delivered by Mr Hill and Mr Radcliffe, the intervals being occupied with hymns and prayer. At the invitation of Mr Radcliffe, the great majority of those who were present remained for conversation afterwards; and many were found to be deeply impressed, and some, to have found peace with God. It was a deeply-interesting and heart-stirring scene, to witness the love and zeal of those who had found Christ, as they sought, by sympathy, instruction, and prayer, to direct those to Him who had been previously ignorant of His love. The large room was not cleared till past ten o'clock, and many remained in the adjoining committee-room for some time afterwards. If the Lord will, this meeting is to be repeated on Sunday week, the 27th inst., at the same place and hour. Will all who take an interest in the work of God make it the subject of their prayers. If a large number of the young men of this great city can be awakened, and, by God's grace, converted, what may we not hope for from their influence over others? "

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I do not know where the YMCA was.