St Mary Magdalene, Bildeston (1861)

Beloved Shuldham Henry wrote to Mr Radcliffe from one of these hospitable vicarages — Bildestone, near Ips- wich — ^where he had been for a short time laid up. " I am now, thank God, all right again, and ready to go round the world with you. If you want me to go ^vith you next week, only say so; and I shall be only too glad to do anything in the world for you." My husband has often spoken of the tender, loving care bestowed upon him by Mr Henry, when ill and his strength failing him, while far from home and his dear ones, during their long fatiguing journeys and preaching day after day. Rev. M. Fell, the vicar of Acton, in Suffolk, wrote: "I thank the Lord that there is a prospect of His sending you in amongst us to seek the salvation of sinners, and to comfort the saints. We have arranged to have our meeting in the church at seven p.m., as we have no other place sufficiently large. I almost fear I may call down upon me the severe animadversions of some of my neighbours for this step; but if all is conducted with the quietness and decorum suited to the house of God, I do not see what the opposers can say." This was indeed a victorious journey. The clergymen purchased to themselves great boldness. It was wonderful how God inclined the hearts of the vicars to offer the parish churches in which laymen could preach to the people. Well might Mr Radcliffe begin his letter from Bildestone, " Shout, shout, the victory! " The parson — or rather, I should say, the curate — Mr Graves, had been converted through Mr Henry; and he stood up at once and confessed Christ. Mr Radcliffe goes on to say, " This has been a glorious journey — a flood at every place; souls rejoicing at every spot! Truly this reminds me of around I had in Banffshire." And I hope it may be recorded of the Bildestone converts what Mr Radcliffe wrote about those in Banffshire, when revisiting them long after the first blessed visit: " How glorious — all the converts, save those asleep in Jesus, walking in the truth! "

From, 'Reflections of Reginald Radcliffe', by his wife.