St John's Assembly Rooms, Winchester (1861)

"It was a happy day," writes Mr. Lury, " for many souls in Winchester and Southampton, when the Lord sent Mr Radcliffe, and drew about seven thousand (very doubtful) to St. John's Rooms at the former city, and some six hundred or so at the West Quay Rooms in Southampton, to hear of the grace of God for sinners. " Mr Radcliffe was chosen to cast the net for a draught at Winchester; but first he spoke at some length to believers, following with an address to the unsaved. When this message had closed, the meeting began to separate, and numbers left; but round the room were groups of persons on their knees with convicted souls crying for mercy. One abandoned-looking woman, more responsive than others, and whom no remonstrances could silence, sang, with a face resplendent with joy, the hymn, 'I do believe, I will believe, That Jesus died for me; That on the cross; He shed His blood, From sin to set me free.' She was led out, singing at the top of her voice the rest of the hymn, proceeding slowly down the large room; but it proved no hindrance to the convicted souls around, for it was a time of deep reality. The woman's soul was tuned for praise after a life of rebellion, and caught that moment to confess before all her joy at being reconciled; joy which sprang in God's heart, and in which the angels are called to rejoice with Him.

From, 'Reflections of Reginald Radcliffe' by his wife, page 145/6