Shiskine (1897)

There was revival here in 1880-5 and then again in 1897-8. In 1904 somone wrote of the revival, ‘As far as I can see it was a movement for which any man should have been thankful, and one should consider it forever a privilege to have been through it, though it were only as a doorkeeper. The Lord was at work, and sinners were turning away from their sin. The fruits left are good. As might be expected, some fell back, and others are becoming moribund, but still the larger number of those who had then professed are living proof of the good done. I had the pleasure of attending the meeting, kept on still in this place by these converts, and I felt indeed refreshed among them. No man with Christian sympathy could but feel that there was reality there. I do not think for a moment that the movement is becoming exhausted. No, it is today bearing good fruit beyond the Rocky Mountains in America, and as far off even as New Zealand.'

‘Revivals in the Highlands and Islands’ by Alexander Macrea – Re-published in 1998 by Tentmaker Publications.